About me – Alessandro Sartirana

GENNY (Irina Denisova)

Fantasy and color, starting from Fashion, meant like Art, and Models, imagined and lived like Muses.

It’s me, Alessandro Sartirana, photographer and image maker, who recently had the idea of starting this blog to continue my route begun when I was a child and then a teenager, particularly impressed by the amazing work of designer Gianni Versace, the genius who created a distinctive, unreachable and unique world, getting inspiration from the antique Greece and its myths of Beauty. He took Fashion to another level, made up of dream and extreme care of the detail, features perfectly embodied by the Supermodels whom he personally created and always supported, the perfect creatures who could interpret his imaginative and unforgettable style. ChristyLindaNaomiCarla, Helena, Yasmeen, Nadège just to name a few, great Models with a strong personality, pure Muses.

Mode changes and models too, but Gianni’s teachings and his world are still alive, especially for the ones who still believe in Fashion like something Romantic, Dreamy, detached from Reality, something based on complex ideas realized only through long days of attentive work by the hands of unique craftsmanship. Fashion with the Capital letter, Fashion still today amazingly worn by very special Muses, the Models, who can help elevating the clothes to Art.

In today’s world, worried and distracted by an insane conformism and politically correct mania, this uniqueness stands alone and let -the ones who can get it- dream.